VEGA Back in Business… with Remarkable SPACEBEL Contribution

The sixteenth VEGA launch named VV16, took place on September 1st 2020 at 3h51:10 CET AM CET time from Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana.  
Watch the video of the latest successful flight of ESA’s launcher on https://www.esa.int/ESA_Multimedia/ESA_Web_TV or https://www.arianespace.com/

For over ten years, SPACEBEL has been supporting Avio, Vega prime contractor, in the development and evolution of the flight software piloting the launch vehicle, in the Vega guidance, navigation and control software engineering activities.    
Moreover, SPACEBEL has been in charge of the simulation software meant to check and validate the various functions of the On Board Computer of Europe’s light-weight launch vehicle.

The future generations of the Vega launcher will also carry SPACEBEL technology. In cooperation with SABCA, we provide the high performance “TVCLab” simulator to ensure advanced testing at thrust vectoring control level. This essential electromechanical system of the Vega launcher
operates the nozzle of the four launcher stages’ engines in order to control its attitude.
Relying on advanced modelling and compiling techniques, SPACEBEL also delivers a Software Development Environment dedicated to the new ASIC Control Loop Processor in the Digital Control Module of the Integrated Power Distribution Unit compatible with the future evolution for Vega avionics.

In parallel with the Vega programme SPACEBEL is developing on-board IT solutions for the Space Rider, a European affordable re-entry Space transportation system to be launched on Vega-C.

All these activities confirm our key position as software engineering provider for the launcher business.

Good to know: the next Vega mission will put into orbit the French Taranis satellite for which SPACEBEL has developed the satellite payload start-up and main flight software.

Congratulations to all AVIO and ESA teams for this successful return to flight and many thanks for their confidence in SPACEBEL.

new illustration VEGA Back in Business… with Remarkable SPACEBEL Contribution