SPACEBEL Renewing Contribution to ESA FedEO Infrastructure

Thanks to the ESA FedEO (Federated Earth Observation missions) support environment, the European satellite data user community can easily access all current and past Earth observation data. Providing one single entry point to an increasing number of scientific catalogues and services for mainly European and Canadian Earth observation missions, FedEO also reinforces ESA’s bilateral cooperation initiatives and international data exchange (e.g. with NASA).

Since its pilot deployment in 2012 through the HMA-SE project – in the development of which SPACEBEL played a major role – the FedEO gateway has been evolving continuously with important SPACEBEL contributions to improve the system at various levels such as search engine, operability and robustness. During the WGISS-39 Meeting in May 2015 in Japan, SPACEBEL was honoured to support ESA with a demonstration of the FedEO infrastructure.

The enhancement of the infrastructure is now entering into a new phase with the FedEO Gateway Evolution project. Once again, SPACEBEL will be bringing its expertise in the field of user segment infrastructures to the upgrade of the FedEO system. Our task is to realize the further extensions of the search and ordering functions with additional EO mission datasets while taking into account the latest standard evolutions and ensuring maximum user-friendliness.

new illustration SPACEBEL Renewing Contribution to ESA FedEO Infrastructure