SPACEBEL Member of the Copernicus Relays Network

In July 2016 the European Commission launched an invitation to all Copernicus stakeholders to submit their expression of interest to join the freshly established Copernicus Relays network.

SPACEBEL also applied to become part of the family of Copernicus ambassadors across Europe in order to promote the benefits and opportunities of the EU’s Earth Observation programme at national, regional and local level.

The EC has recently confirmed our membership within the Belgian consortium for Wallonia gathering ISSePSkywin and SPACEBEL. The selected Relays will be in place in the first quarter of 2017.

As a Copernicus representative, SPACEBEL will help to widen the community of Copernicus users while developing innovative applications and fostering new business models, amongst others through the EO Regions! initiative.



new illustration SPACEBEL Member of the Copernicus Relays Network