SPACEBEL Leading DREAM Project for ESA

Rapid access to Earth observation data is a key asset today for those users – institutional or commercial – who have to take decisions in a short timeframe. And yet, several technical and technological issues prevent them from exploiting and relying on multiple data sources through an efficient process.

The Decision support and Real time Earth observation data Management system so-called DREAM is an ESA project that will address the technology, architecture and Payload Data Ground System interfaces needed to streamline the planning, ordering and access to Earth observation missions. Two main business scenarios are covered: the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), active in marine safety, and the European Union Satellite Centre (EUSC) whose mission is to support the decision making process of the European Union. Both will be reference use cases in addition to some representative users of the GMES world.

As prime contractor, SPACEBEL is honoured to lead the DREAM consortium composed of 13 wide-awake partners from 8 European countries. SPACEBEL will be more specifically in charge of the architecture and validation end-to-end.

Another challenging project in the field of Earth Observation for SPACEBEL…!

new illustration SPACEBEL Leading DREAM Project for ESA