SPACEBEL Helps to Control CNES Stratospheric Balloons

The new aerostat control system « NOSYCA” will offer to the French Space Agency CNES a new information system for the control of stratospheric balloons.

With the development of the space activities of CNES, the scope of balloons has expanded from atmosphere studies and astronomy to technological purposes. Nowadays, they also allow testing the instruments to fly on board of satellites. In order to manage the growing number of required balloon launchings and comply with more and more stringent security and safeguard policies, CNES has to renovate, in particular, the entire acquisition and information management system on the ground. NOSYCA will manage several missions simultaneously including up to 20 balloons in the air, with or without permanent board/ground connection.

SPACEBEL is in charge of the design, development and maintenance activities related to the simulators for studies and system validation of CNES missions.           
Thanks to this new agreement resulting from our qualification as ACIBS frame contract partner of CNES, SPACEBEL extends their know-how in terms of satellite simulation to the field of stratospheric balloons.

new illustration SPACEBEL Helps to Control CNES Stratospheric Balloons