SPACEBEL Contributing to EUCLID, ESA’s Dark Universe Mission

Named after the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid of Alexandria, ESA’s pioneering medium class astronomy and astrophysics Space mission Euclid will observe thousands of millions of galaxies over the past 10 billion light years. Objective: investigate the nature of dark matter and dark energy in order to understand the origin of the universe and the reason of its accelerating expansion.

To be launched from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou (French Guiana), the Dark Universe Explorer is a 4,5 m long spacecraft with a diameter of 3 m and weighing 2 tons.

The 6-year study will require extremely accurate measurements and represent an amazingly huge volume of images and data of different kinds, which means that data processing will be a critical part of the Euclid mission. A real challenge, which SPACEBEL is proud to take up…

In March 2015, SPACEBEL was selected by Thales Alenia Space Italy in order to develop the Euclid Control and Data Management Unit Application Software. It is composed of the operating system and all dependent functions, the services layer including all onboard applications (including PUS (Packet Utilisation Standard)) and managers for data handling, memories, on-board control procedures, high level logic for the overall system control as well as the application layer managing all individual subsystems such as the CDMS management, thermal control, power management, TT&C management, AOCS management, safeguard, etc. . SPACEBEL is responsible for the design, development, coding, integration, test, verification, qualification and the delivery. The associated Ground Support Equipment and services are also covered.

new illustration SPACEBEL Contributing to EUCLID, ESA’s Dark Universe Mission

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