Space Weather Ground Segment Final Acceptance – 10/10 for SPACEBEL

Space weather refers to disturbances in Space environment conditions mainly due to solar activity.
Several sectors of our economy can potentially be affected by Space weather ranging from space-based telecommunications and broadcasting over weather services and navigation to power distribution and terrestrial communications.

ESA’s Space Situational Awareness (SSA) programme is meant to inform us about the potential threats and risks from Space while ensuring the use of and access to Space for exploration and exploitation in a sustainable way.

For many years, SPACEBEL has been the prime contractor for the design, implementation and deployment of the Space Weather (SWE) ground segment.
Aim of the Space Weather platform: monitor and forecast Space weather events and their effect on European Space assets and ground-based infrastructure. Based upon a service-oriented architecture, this interactive portal system provides a centralised access to and exchange of all Space Weather data, services and applications elaborated by some fifty scientific organisations all over Europe.

The recent final acceptance of the Space Weather portal system “made by SPACEBEL” proved outstanding, which means that it is now ready to be used in an operational environment at ESA-ESOC (Darmstadt, Germany) and ESA-ESEC (Redu, Belgium).

With this overall Space Weather ground segment success, SPACEBEL notches up another remarkable achievement confirming our long-standing expertise in the field of user services components, IT infrastructure and data provisioning chains.

new illustration Space Weather Ground Segment Final Acceptance – 10/10 for SPACEBEL

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