ScanWorld, a SPACEBEL Star in the Hyperspectral Imaging Firmament

Trending quality newspapers in Europe and the United States have already picked up the news regarding the recent launch of ScanWorld, our innovative spin-off company set up in cooperation with SRIW, the regional investment company of Wallonia (Belgium):


Dedicated to the acquisition and delivery of high-quality hyperspectral imagery from a constellation of 5 to 10 small satellites, ScanWorld intends to provide an answer to the growing need of commercial Earth observation satellite data. ScanWorld will deliver scalable information and services to tackle worldwide problems in the field of sustainable agriculture, forestry, and environment monitoring, while taking into account complementarity and inter-operability with major existing datasets, amongst other the European Copernicus programme. As to the satellite deployment, particular attention will be paid to the sustainable use of outer Space with the minimisation of space debris and light pollution along with an appropriate end-of-life disposal strategy.

In the run-up to the full operational capacity planned for 2026, ScanWorld is seeking to raise 10 million €, mainly from venture capital, in order to fund a proof of concept satellite to be launched in 2023 and kick off the sale of our commercial services related to remote sensing applications.

Any questions? Interested in our ScanWorld activities? Willing to support our ambitions?
Contact us: info@scanworld.be

new illustration ScanWorld, a SPACEBEL Star in the Hyperspectral Imaging Firmament