20th Anniversary of Human Presence aboard the International Space Station

On November 2nd 2020, the International Space Station celebrated two decades of continuous human presence in Space. Up ‘till now, some 240 people from 19 countries have visited the orbiting laboratory including 18 ESA astronauts, amongst others the Belgian Frank De Winne (2002 & 2009) and Dirk Frimout (1992) as well as Thomas Pesquet from France (2016-2017).

Weighing 420 tonnes, travelling at more than 27.000 km/hour and circling around the Earth every 90 min., at 400 km above our heads, the International Space Station is a remarkable example of peaceful international cooperation involving five Space agencies: NASA, Roscosmos, ESA, JAXA, CSA.

Crew members have carried out over 3000 scientific experiments mainly in the Columbus module dedicated to multidisciplinary research. Several tests benefit life on Earth while other investigations are paving the way for human exploration of the Moon and beyond.

For several years, SPACEBEL has been contributing substantially to this masterpiece of spacecraft engineering through various ISS related projects: Columbus, ERA, Mission Planning & Training Equipment, Refresher Trainer Equipment, Crew Return Vehicle, HADS, ATV,…

Relive a series of memorable moments from the unique orbital outpost in this clip covering 20 years of the International Space Station in 3 minutes.

new illustration 20th Anniversary of Human Presence aboard the International Space Station