LandSAfe: 10/10 for SPACEBEL and its Academic Partners

The recent acceptance review of ESA’s LandSAfe (Landing Site Risk Analysis software framework) has been fully successful for SPACEBEL, prime contractor of the project.

Developed since May 2011 in collaboration with the Universities of Liège (ULiège – Belgium) and Hannover (IPI – Germany), the software system for the analysis, selection and certification of safe landing sites on the Moon is now ready for use in the frame of ESA’s Aurora programme.

LandSAfe generates several data products including high resolution digital terrain models (DTMs), hazard maps, illumination maps, temperature maps and surface reflectance maps which help in evaluating potential landing sites.

The innovative software suite is meant particularly for the Lunar Lander mission, a robotic explorer that will demonstrate precise and soft landings at the polar regions of the Moon and perform scientific experiments from 2018 onwards … also with significant SPACEBEL contribution.

new illustration LandSAfe: 10/10 for SPACEBEL and its Academic Partners