CCSDS Ready to Adopt POCKET+ as a New Standard for Telemetry Data Compression

Earlier this month, ESA announced that the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS), a multinational forum for the development and sharing of data standards and best practices, is about to adopt POCKET+ as a data compression standard.

Invention of an ESA spacecraft operations engineer, the POCKET technique no longer holds any secrets for SPACEBEL.

Seven years ago, SPACEBEL was awarded a “POCKET” contract  as part of ESA’s ARTES (Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems) programme, which is supported by BELSPO, the Belgian Science Policy Office.

A year later, SPACEBEL had gained both the on-board and on-ground POCKET experience, which was demonstrated using a Proba on-board software and ground segment software.

In 2015, a new software for ESA’s Proba-2 was produced by SPACEBEL, verified and uploaded on the spacecraft, in such a way that the software environment at SPACEBEL and the test environment were “up-to-date”. All this enabled the actual implementation of POCKET on PROBA-2 with significant benefits for all mission participants.

This step has proved beneficial to the POCKET experience at ESA.

POCKET is also the standard baseline for Proba-3, ESA’s future Sun watcher, another groundbreaking Space mission to which SPACEBEL has been bringing for many years our expertise with the software design, development, production, integration and validation of the on-board software for both platforms, the satellite simulators, the control centre and mission centre. Another opportunity to demonstrate our skills in combination with the benefits of the new POCKET technology.

new illustration CCSDS Ready to Adopt POCKET+ as a New Standard for Telemetry Data Compression

Proba-2 Artist's Impression©ESA