Angels, a New Project, a New Customer for SPACEBEL

Already present on the Argos beacons tracking and satellite data collection system of the French space agency CNES, SPACEBEL is now launching out on a new space mission initiated by CNES.

Angels (Argos Neo on a Generic Economical and Light Satellite) is a nanosatellite demonstrator with miniaturized components to be put into orbit at the end of 2019. Its goal is to collect data from the Argos beacons for boat monitoring and ocean observations.

The realization of the 25 kg platform has been entrusted to NEXEYA based in Toulouse (France) that relies on SPACEBEL’s expertise for the design and development of the satellite system simulator.

Angels has to pave the way for the creation of a nanosatellite industrial chain for commercial and institutional markets, with the sale of a hundred competitive and efficient systems from 2023 onwards.

We want to thank NEXEYA for their confidence and are delighted to contribute to the success of this ambitious programme…

new illustration Angels, a New Project, a New Customer for SPACEBEL

©CNES-David Ducros