SPACEBEL is a leading provider of On Board Software and On Board Data Management. The company has been developing Flight Software since 1990, be it for Platforms, Payloads or Sub-Systems of Satellites, Space Probes or Launchers, for Earth Observation, Science, Meteorological, Telecommunication or Space Defense missions. The Space Segment Business Unit is composed of highly qualified flight software engineers that, together, offer a unique blend of skills in computer science and in various applicative domains. They can take full responsibility of the development and delivery of Flight Software over the entire lifecycle, from the early concept studies, the analysis and the specification, over the architecture, the design and the development, to the validation and the qualification and into the target environment. 


Reference Projects

Through its Space Segment Business Unit, SPACEBEL has developed the On Board Software of all the PROBA satellites (ESA missions) and one of the two formation flying PROBA-3. The Central Data Management Unit Application Software of the EUCLID science mission and the MetOp-SG Microwave Sounder Instrument Control Unit Application Software are completed and ready for qualification while the developments of the On Board Software for ALTIUS (Earth Observation) and the Central Software for HERA (AIDA Mission) are on-going. 


Platform & Specific Tools

SPACEBEL's generic on-board software, namely the Data Handling Software, is essentially platform and mission independent. It implements the Packet Utlisation Stadard. It supports File Based Operations with a standard File Delivery Protocol. It also offers a complete solution of on-board control procedures (OBCP). It is designed to run with different executives (possibly multiprocessor and / or separation kernel) and to easily integrate with different Hardware Dependent Software to form an Execution Platform Software and provide an Application Framework (AFW) that facilitates the integration of the various Equipment Managers and of the mission-specific applications. Regular applications that are implemented include the control of the platform functions (thermal control, electrical power management, attitude and orbit control, operational safety and security, etc.) as well as the management of payloads.


Technologies & Skills

SPACEBEL Space Segment Business Unit specializes in on-board software architecture, requirements, design, verification, validation, maintenance and qualification. It also addresses specific aspects related to the application of modern IT technologies, for both flight software and related simulators:

  • Requirements engineering
  • Real Time Embedded On Board Software
  • CCSDS/ECSS Standards
  • Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems
  • Fault Detection Identification Recovery
  • High autonomy applications and Artificial Intelligence
  • Operating systems, Space qualified processors and bus drivers
  • Modelling and code generation tools
  • Missionisation tools
  • Automated test facilities



SPACEBEL is also represented in several standardization and advisory groups. The contribution of Spacebel to the revisiting of the PUS Standard and its active participation to the PUS Working Group and the elaboration of the new PUS-C is a clear acknowledgement of the company expertise in on board software libraries.


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