SPACEBEL is a recognised developer of System Modelling and Simulation products for the satellites and probes segment, the launchers segment, the orbital transportation systems and the ground segment. Since 1994, SPACEBEL is active in the area of tests and simulation and has become a leading company in Europe in that domain. Its Modelling & Simulation Business Unit addresses most of the related technology domains such as satellite operational simulators for mission control, software validation facilities, numerical modelling of space environment, emulators of on-board processors (e.g. 1750, Erc32, Leon, Arm) and much more.


Simulation modelling platforms make part of our expertise and address most relevant standards such as Simulation Model Portability SMP2 and the ECSS E40-07 SMP from the European Cooperation for Space Standardization. SPACEBEL is the developer of the CNES Agency’s simulation platform namely BASILES and VTS products. Additional mission operations tools are also available for Telemetry/Telecommand and data decoding PrestoTools.



Technologies & Skills

SPACEBEL has also an outstanding experience with other simulation modelling frameworks such as Matlab/Simulink (Mathworks), SIMSAT (ESA), EuroSim (Airbus DS) and SimTG (Airbus DS).

Our Modelling & Simulation Business Unit is composed of over 40 simulation engineers (MEng./MSc.) dealing with all necessary techniques to build a complete simulator. The team’s expertise focuses on the following systems:

  • System engineering software
    • simulation modelling framework
    • dedicated simulation tools (models for avionics, processor emulators, front-end equipment)
    • simulator executive tools (environment)
    • satellite platform and payload model’s integration
    • mission analysis tools (simulator data postprocessing, visualisation tools)
  • Mission control and operations
    • Training Operations Maintenance Simulators


Reference Projects

We have delivered simulators for a number of successful ESA and CNES missions such as Proteus, Proba, Hera, Pleiades, Cso, Ceres, Swot, Svom, Metop-sg, Euclid, Mtg, Altius and much more...




SPACEBEL is also represented in several standardization and advisory groups including ECSS working groups. SPACEBEL is a key member of the ECSS E40-07 SMP working group related to model portability promoting model exchanges between various stakeholders such as Large Systems Integrators and space agencies.



Plateform & specific tools

Our capabilities range from the system definition, the design and development, to the validation and the delivery of complete spacecrafts simulators. The system simulation activities rely on advanced methods and tools to support the system engineering processes of space systems during the complete mission lifecycle. Technology wise, it implies a large knowledge background including but not limited to :

Space system software verification, validation, maintenance and qualification methods/tools

  • Software Validation Facilities
  • Training, Operation & Maintenance Simulators
  • Hardware in the Loop Configurations
  • Electrical Ground Support Equipment


SPACEBEL Emulators and avionics software

  • ERC32, LEON & LEON 2/3 
  • ARM
  • Full on-board computer with 1553, OBDH, SpW, UART, … devices


Simulation framework and tools (in-house and third party)

  • VTS
  • PrestoTools


Simulation is more than just a tool set, it encompasses a strong knowhow requiring several skills in multiple domains and team work. This is our expertise!


This is our expertise!