Our mission & values

Where performance and reliability are a must!

The original decision…

By joining the European space programs in 1988, SPACEBEL made the choice of participating to demanding projects where mission critical solutions are needed, where performance and reliability are an absolute must, where high added value ICT expert knowledge can be best provided.

These projects always contain technical, costs target and risks mitigation challenges and we share our customer’s objectives in this respect.

To become a partner of choice…

Our team’s reputation for flexibility and reliability is a distinctive SME trump built on an everyday effort to be responsive to the needs of our customers, whether they are technical officers or program managers. Together with our longstanding expertise in flight and ground software engineering, these assets are offered to partner with our customers.

We do believe in professional relationships built on trust.

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Respectful of shared values…

  • Seeking Quality in every phase of our work is the daily concern of each of us, whatever his or her position in the Company. Listening to our customer requests and understanding their expectations is our Number One Quality concern. We keep acting on their feedback to improve our service.
  • Reliability and safety are the first design drivers in any software architecture and development at SPACEBEL, in accordance with the highest applicable standards.
  • Improving our expertise and ensuring the necessary training in technical, management and developmental skills, is a continuous commitment to achieve better value for money in the delivery of innovative software and services.
  • Our commitment to a long-term collaboration is a key value promoted inside and outside the company.
  • We also want to ensure the sustainability for our shareholders.

We look forward to sharing our customer’s satisfaction when time will come for the delivery review. Their smile is highly motivating. logo iso 9001 bsi