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N7 Space


In 2017, Spacebel becomes the majority shareholder of N7 Space Ltd. in Warsaw, Poland. N7Space is a polish company active in space software systems mainly for ground support and flight software. They are also active in data modelling and software testing.




ScanWorld makes actionable data for agriculture affordable, and available on a global scale.

Agriculture is both one of the major contributors to climate change, and one of its first victims. Coincidentally, agriculture is also a key lever to enable a smooth transition to a more sustainable world - but that will require data-driven decisions. Hyperspectral imagery is one of the game-changing technologies that can make it happen. It enables to derive a wide range of analytical insights such as early detection of diseases, water and nutrient needs assessment, soil organic carbon content estimations, or even yield quantity and quality forecasts. Unfortunately, current solutions to provide hyperspectral imagery are too expensive and not scalable.

We unlock the true potential of hyperspectral imagery with our own satellite constellation in low Earth orbit. The first launch is planned for 2024, with a full operational capability in 2026. These serve as a baseline that we combine, through proprietary data fusion techniques, with other free imagery sources.

This enables us to guarantee at least one and up to three images per week, for any point of the globe, without requiring any local equipment of infrastructure. Our product is 100x cheaper than existing solutions.

ScanWorld was created in June 2020 as a spin-off from Spacebel, a software company active in the space sector, with the support of the SRIW, a regional investment fund. Our offices are located in Belgium.